Dear Reader and Friend,

There is so much happening and I’m so excited to tell you! Retreats for 2023 are being planned and very soon I will send out information with a little more detail. There will be more focus on Life Change and a Personalized Transformation during the upcoming Retreats! Body movement – Yoga and mountain hikes – of course! Culture, connection and wellbeing in a Mallorcan setting? Check!

Session wise I’m loving my meetings with clients – they are all so different but have ONE thing in common; they have lost the belief in their inner light and their potential to make a powerful impact and impression on the planet. We smash this belief and we bring back what’s real. We bring back the trust, the excitement, the joy and the fierce dedication to THE RIGHT PURPOSE. Everybody has one, you have one. The world needs you in your right element. I’m actually laughing right now when I’m writing this as I see the crazy, powerful tranformations happening and the results of my clients – I still have a ridiculously low 30-day package November out and it’s $222. Check out my work with me and you can see the details. I can’t change the price now since when I make a promise I keep it. So 12 days before it goes up to $321. It’s more worth $2222 or actually, it’s priceless. But I’m not going to go there just yet although prices definitely will increase gradually.

I’ll leave you with a picture from the mountains with me and the dogs. Photographer Camilla Isaksson took it of us when we were hiking near Caimari. Have a beautiful weekend and have a look out to see if you recognize us in any Swedish magazine soon near you 😉