Greetings Dear Friends!

I hope you are doing well and that you have warmth in your heart and a little bit of excitement as Christmas is nearing

I completely love Christmas! It symbolizes love, family and connection to me. I am forever going to hold my father responsible for bringing in the ambience of Christmas carols and songs in English into my life and thank my mother for all the beautiful, traditional Swedish Christmas carols. For me these two cultures fused together makes the most perfect setup for a magical Christmas celebration.

On the tree I have my mother’s aunt Astrid’s decorations from mid-century America  combined with the kids decorations from many years back and our new Spanish one’s we got last week from Corte Ingles.The only thing missing this year will be family – my dearest three oldest one celebrating with my parents in Sweden. At least that’s a comfort that they’re all together!

Business and education (I never stop!) is going splendidly well. I’ve signed up many clients for the PQ-coaching Program and it’s something I truly believe in from the bottom of my heart. Combined with RTT it’s so powerful. These tools just landed on my lap, I instantaneously knew they were amazing and on point and now I’m transforming people’s lives with them. Endless love to Shirzad Chamine for initiating this coaching and program.


I will have a super offer in January, combining these tools where you get an RTT session (with 30 days of support + custom audio) and 6-weeks of PQ-coaching in a pod for all of those who sign up to my newsletter before the end of the year (original price $1500). I’m also throwing in a motivational free download accessible when you sign up! But first, enjoy time to relax and recharge during Christmas… I’ll let you know when the offer is out <3

After Christmas we all need new energy to blast us powerfully into 2023! So much is going to happen in 2023 and since the sun is always shining here in Mallorca – why not send me a message to join the waitlist for 2023´s retreats and boost up with extra energy, movement, RTT and PQ-coaching live on the island?! All on its way….


To all my readers, I wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
I can’t wait to work with you next year. Together we change the world!