It’s been a long while since last time due to all the adaptation to slowing down life. I focus a lot on self-care and naturally I’d do this since I teach and encourage others to experience life more slowly, while they work in a moderate pace – at the same time earning more money. Work can be hard or work can be enriching and fun – you choose! Work that gives me meaning and purpose is not hard.

Work for me is doing the Rapid Transformational Therapy, primarily with Positive Intelligence combined for best impact and lasting results for the client. Working for me is also connecting with old and new colleagues, educating myself, giving and receiving coaching, and also conducting meetings for the Grow groups and the Positive Intelligence Program groups.

Another part is merging activities for retreats on the island, marketing, and then a bit of administrative work – my life is flowingly great. Sometimes I stop and think “Am I really working?” because everything I do is so fun. It’s like I’m a kid again and just do everything from excitement and joy. I mix a bit of planning with lots of intuitive guidance of what’s best done in the moment. This helps me stay present as I at the same time have an overview of what’s on the agenda for the year.

I never pressure myself – even if sometimes pressure seems to come from outside. I have had immense help from the Positive Intelligence Program, and I do daily guided exercises in the app that comes with the PI-coaching. I can recognise my saboteurs when they try to lie to me that I should get stressed out or rush, or do something faster, better, more organised – or whatever. I close my eyes and breathe. I listen to the sounds around me and do a little bit of visualisation and I’m instantly calmer, centered and become focused on doing rather than getting overwhelmed.

And the more work I do on myself, the more I’m open to see possibilities and feel passionate about my why. More and more I’m guided to focus on relationships, helping strengthening individuals and couples. When the individual in a relationship is solid and stable love can thrive.

Since many years back my leading light has been to create more love and healing on this planet. I believe that polarising people against each other, whether it be in relationships or in a business environment, is the wrong way to go. In the long run that is what creates war. Blame is never a fruitful starting point. Humble empathy for oneself and for others is a healthy approach for a longer life and happier relationships, I believe.

One thing I know both other therapists and I struggle with is the want to help other people. Since we have often been through a lot and can compare how life is now to what it was – and at the same time have helped so many others change their lives, it can be frustrating to no be able to do more than just have the service available to whomever is ready. Especially when you see and hear someone struggling with pain, anxiety or sickness, an unhealthy relationship or something else. To counteract the frustration that shows up from time to time I remind myself that only people that are ready and want change can change their lives. Another thing that’s important for me as a coach and therapist is to remember it’s not about me. I can want to help people, but the fact is I just facilitate their process and nothing more.

When you’ve got the hang of this it takes a lot of pressure of you. Also, you focus on the positive. You focus on that what makes you radiate joy, love and excitement – and this brings us back to where I started today. And I’ll tell you what gives me joy exactly today! I’ve started distributing a small piece of the future in healing and wellbeing; a little miracle patch called x39, from LifeWave. It reflects your own light and reactivates up to 1/3 of your own stem cells. Noninvasive, non transdermal. I’m building a team of therapists and lightworkers that, like myself, want to make life more pleasant for people – so they can life pain free, healthier and longer! And not only people are helped, animals too – that’s what really got me excited and I see my dogs change from the patch, I get pain relief, my skin is changing for the better, my husband does not get sore muscles after intense and frequent workouts and there’s so much more! People’s bodies heal by themselves when this brilliant little patch of technology works on them. Imagine when you receive Rapid Transformational Therapy with this and how you can massively change your life!!

I’m leaving you with a chill picture of me from the other day when my husband and I where looking for inspiration in the favourite interior design shop in Santa Maria. A lot of planning on the townhouse is going on!
I wish you a blessed day and week, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need support in your life change, either personally or as a couple. I have only one spot available before the summer holiday when we’ll be travelling to Sweden! Book for free HERE so we can see if we are a good match!