I was like running a marathon, studying RTT. The most powerful 6 months of my life have passed and I did it – I graduated! And how I have evolved, the changes I’ve gone through… It’s the best community I’ve ever been in contact with. So many helpful hand, so much positivity and kindness in the RTT education, both peers and the staff. I’m immensely grateful for having been introduced to RTT by a friend of mine and for Marisa Peer refining the method to this level and then sending out a shockwave of love and care across the globe…


I would actually put this accomplishment among the top 10 in my life, alongside with births, marriage and our move to Spain… It was indescribably exhilarating to receive the review of my 45min assessment video and then to receive the news – “You know exactly how to perform a session and you understand RTT perfectly! It was a pleasure assessing your video…”


The days that followed have been busy continuing with the setup of systems and planning for the Experience Retreat which you will find here. I have started a wonderful 12-week business launching course with Samantha Touchard with super support and tips and I’ve also teamed up with Irene Socials for getting a grip on my Instagram. Apart from this I’ve joined the RTT Alumni and there are so many resources and community – never stop learning! Change is taking place for me continuously! I love it!


In the meantime we are unpacking boxes have emptied the rented storage space and have bought a new car – so no more rentals, yey! We’ve seen a couple of properties and I’ve gone off to Sweden again – busy days!


Back to my business in Spain: I’ve begun determining my niche more specifically. I’m focusing on helping my clients, mainly women, fight depression, raise self-esteem and gain confidence. I’ve dealt with this in many ways throughout my life and many times thought I’d worked it out and was well, but carried the weight of sadness, fear of failure and great distrust in my possibility – always thought I had to prove something and felt I never could be good enough. Not until I had my first RTT sessions I felt completely free and happy, learnt to love myself and finally found purpose. I want to give this to others. I know there are so many suffering and not knowing wellbeing is accessible so easily…

I have released a possibility to work with me in two different ways. A try out 30-day Restart Package to set you off with the best possibilities on you start of a Happy, Healthy and Purposeful life. The second option is for you if you feel you need more support. I have put together the 60-day Power Package with the double amount of everything PLUS 6 hours of private coaching and support throughout the whole period. And if you need there’s always an extension possibility.

And as I get ready to post I have already clients booked in my calendar starting from next week – it’s so exciting! I’m thrilled to start my mission..


Remember – you matter and there is always love and hope. If you don’t believe this, book a free call here and we’ll talk. I always have time for you! Book a free call here