A Thriving, Loving, Passionate Relationship Begins with YOU! 

A Thriving, Loving, Passionate Relationship Begins with YOU! 

I Found Love – So Can You…

From an early age, inspired by years of travelling visiting relatives in various countries, I became interested in how different environments and being amongst people affected me and made me feel.

What I didn’t realise was that a traumatic event I went through as a 2 year old was the root of my perception of me and of the world.

Not coping, low self-esteem and a very present fear of abandonment was how it showed up.

I found comfort in the presence of animals and also and became someone who had a natural interest in the wellbeing of friends and family, looking to make sure everyone felt good and was happy.

Still feeling I had to please others and just wanting a sense of purpose, proving I was good enough I decided to become a Landscape Architect, where I thought I could make a difference in nature and people’s lives.

In my profession I always chose to work with projects that involved people and their active participation or where I had a more communicative role, boosting others. Privately I’ve always been know as the relationship coach.

However, I soon realised that to achieve a greater impact changing the world for the better I would have to work more directly with the people I want to help – starting by helping myself.

Every relationship starts with love for yourself!

A journey of events and search led me to RTT and then PQ-Coaching – I felt at home instantly! Positive communication and connection lead me and will also safely lead you too through this process of letting constant love into your life.

You will no longer feel the same. After RTT and PQ-Coaching you’ll have a fierce and determined mindset that your thoughts matter, that you deserve love, you radiate love and that love comes naturally to you. 

No matter your blocks, don’t worry – they are just symtoms. We get to the root cause of your issue and after you have been through a transformation with me you will feel like you have evolved to the better. You will never go back, because the new you will have risen to a powerful level and you’ll have the tools to welcome love and you will clearly step into your natural loving state..

Because today, do you wake up and wonder -Why do I keep getting hurt? Why do others seem so happy, and what is the secret to a lasting relationship? What’s holding ME back? Why do I not experience what I really want?

Might you also even feel you’re not worthy of happiness…?

Let me be the catalyst and change everything for you and with you – either with your partner or we start with you!


Life affects all of us in different ways and it’s all about the meaning we attach to early events in life that make us act and feel the way we do as adolescents and grownups. If we don’t deal with what’s going on internally in our unconscious – aka negative beliefs, these negative beliefs will work against us, creating a conflict with our concious mind and what our logic tells us we want. I help you identify these negative beliefs, we deal with them in a safe space and together we open the gate to the best version of your true self. The version of you that feels happy, alive, excited, focused and balanced – EVERY DAY! Let the past be the past and the future start now!

We start with a strategy call to see if we are compatible to work together and that Rapid Transformational Therpay and/or Positive Intelligence Coaching is right for your process. If we proceed you decide on a life changing package and get either a 30-Day or a 60-Day support system to lean on and recharge you on your path towards smashing excellence!

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR… Book a call and I’ll tell you all about the mindblowing processes I help you with! Or check out a few of my clients reviews HERE


How Working With Me Can Help You

RTT® including Hypnotherapy can you help you:

Discover the root, the cause and the reason for your lack of love.

Uncover the limiting beliefs that have held you back.

Change the meaning attached to events from your past so you can love with ease and flow.

Exponentiate your confidence, your intuition and allow you to be authentically you.

Explore Mallorca With Me

Are you also in search of both an internal AND external experience?

I have always had a longing to explore the world and throughout my life I have searched for home. Some calling within me told me it was Mallorca.

I listened to my voice and it lead me right! In Mallorca there is everything – the mountains, the sea, the beautiful rustic architecture and the diverse nature.

There is life filled with traditional culture, shopping and events if you want this and also the stillness of the wild countryside and space for contemplation.

This, combined with the friendliest, happy and most helpful people on earth gives you paradise.

I want to share this with you and can’t wait to show you the gems of which I have encountered!

Come join our retreats for wellbeing, meetings, yoga, inner growth and experience, or get in touch for whatever arrangement you need – we’ll be happy to be at service!