Work With Me Through RTT and PQ-Coaching


Do you want to change your life dramatically and have more freedom to design your day?

Are you scared because you’re afraid you wont make it financially?

Do you need support with structure and consistency to take the step?



You learn resources to focus, calm down, recharge, redirect your mind and navigate differently through life so you can take charge and enjoy your life change

You’ll gain mental fitness in every area in your life as a bonus!

RAPID TRANSFORMATIONAL THERAPY gets to the root cause easily and quickly. Hurt, deep pain and blocks are released to give space for an uplevel, powerful self love for you to believe in yourself and your future. I see you through for a set price of either1-2 sessions including your own customized audios AND you get the 8 week PQ-Coaching program included.  



Anna Hughes Cambry


when you sign up for 8 weeks of science based success coaching with weekly live group coaching and daily app-guided support towards immense MENTAL FITNESS. .

Do the Saboteur test to see how you personally self-sabotage  scroll down for links. Email me the result and I’ll let you know more about your saboteurs and how you can grow!


If you want a steady pace of rewiring PQ-Coaching is your thing. You get the support and accountability of a small pod and you get to work in you own pace. One hour of live meeting per week with me as a coach on a set time. 

Do you and your friend or team want to go through change and become stress free, calm, positive and adaptable to life’s changes and events? Do you want to increase you mental fitness and power-up your potential and become the best version of yourself? 

With this app-guided & supported 8 week journey you stay on track and week after week your new neural pathways grow on your positive right side of your brain. At the same time your negative behaviours decrease and you learn to shift quicker and quicker to navigate with ease & flow through life. 


New Life Process 1:1

60-Day Package incl 8 week PQ 

  • 1x30min Call – Ready to Design Your Life?
  • 1x2h Rapid Transformational Session
  • 1 Bespoke Transformational 21-Day Recording
  • 2x Checkups (1 Week +21 Days after session)
  • 1×60 min Coaching Follow-up and WhatsApp 60-day Support
  • 8 weeks PQ-Program with weekly group sessions

PRICE Є 1500 

The Power Process 1:1

90-Day Package

  • 2×30 min Call – Discover Your Desires
  • 2x2h Rapid Transformational Session
  • 2 Bespoke Transformational Recordings
  • 2×30 min 24h after sessions
  • 8 weeks PQ-Program with weekly group sessions
  • WhatsApp 90-day support

 PRICE Є 2500

The process


Your first steps on your journey of transformation starts with a call if you want to know more. The call is free. During our call we find out if we are a good match and if RTT or PQ-Coaching – or both is something that is right for you.

When you click the button it takes you to my booking calendar and it shows the accurate time zone you are in, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling a meeting in the middle of the night! I prefer to meet face to face online, but if you prefer a call to start off with – let me know when you book! I’m perfectly fine with that!

I look forward to getting to know you better and would love to share the fast benefits of RTT and the impact PQ-Coaching does, so don’t hesitate to book if you’re curious!

If you know you just need a quick boost and learn how you can overcome your saboteurs- Book my Positive Coaching Hour Including Positive Intelligence Coaching – only $199/h


Nothing Changes Unless You Take Action