Dear friends,

Dramatic changes in the weather is taking place – from storm and now back to what we would call Swedish summer – sunny and 21 degrees.

Things keep happening, and that’s the music of my life, so I’m just going with the natural feeling of it all and we have finally found our townhouse! The medicine for this process has been learning patience, practising patience and then portioning out some more of that patience. Renting and taking life with a day-by-day mentality suits me, but the excitement of actually being able to start an interior design journey in this beautiful island suits me even more. Although… patience is needed here too. Licences take long, so we are expecting a few years before we have a home to completely relax in it all just comes down to acceptance and feeling that life is perfect even if it isn’t ready and sorted out and organized. Is nature organized? No, and nature is wonderful, right? So having life organized is all is just imagination and it’s a choice. There’s a gift and opportunity in everything, you will hear me say and write this a lot…


With my work as a therapist I have honed in more precisely on my niche

which is activating the power and potential in women who want dramatic change in life. They want to wake up from their slumber, take a big leap into life and its many possibilities and want help releasing fear and self-doubt doing this. Getting negative beliefs out of your system is the way to start this work. After RTT and when new beliefs are installed, they are ready to continue working on minimizing the inner critic and maximizing their 5 sage Powers – to Empathize, to Explore, to Innovate, to Navigate and to Activate.

Tools, tools, tools, my friends and by repetition the minds learns. The more familiar it becomes finding solutions and act balanced with joy and enthusiasm for life. Looking back this is what all my clients get and they all go through this enormous change. We don’t settle for less!

Speaking of balance, I am together with my dear friend Sahar putting together a small charity event

for Iranian revolution supporters living in Sweden soon. I want to be able to give back to these brilliant, powerful people who I know are struggling with keeping their lives balanced during these times. It is impossible not to be affected by the horrendous situation that’s going on right now in Iran and feelings like guilt, frustration, and sadness along with anxiety, insomnia and other physical issues tend to be extremely prominent. We are aiming to empower everyone who joins – and if you are reading right now; we need you to last long, thrive, grow and spread your love and power across the globe. It all starts with self-love and care. And in this act lies no guilt or shame. I will announce more specifically when we have the event online!

I wish you a beautiful week wherever you are! And remember; the more love we spread the more beautiful the world becomes…


/Anna (in the midst of the important task to choose the right zucchini at the Sineu market)