Baskets, Santa-Maria market and Camilla on tour..

It’s been a wonderful month of October!

First we had Camilla Isaksson over. She’s a friend and photographer I met on Instagram many years ago. It was the first time we met in person – imagine – and we felt like old friends since decades. Together we rushed around the island for photoshoots, shopping and preparation for the retreat. Fortunately for me she has the same energy level as I do! She helped me do a bit of styling and also took pictures for a Swedish magazine coming out later this year. It’ll be an an article focusing on our move and our life and life choices in general. I’ll keep you posted!   We then had a little pause until my daughter joined us and then it was full on retreat days after.

Some Pics from the Retreat

We had wonderful guests…

…and the best mornings with yoga (@saranilssonyoga), breakfast together and every day we did different excursions and also a few well-being exercises like group hypnosis with visualizations, talking about how the mind works and views on how to handle life in general.

Since then I have had a very full schedule with RTT-sessions and intakes and I am blown away by the connection and immense change that’s happening for my clients. Tears of joy and surreal chills of astonishment by the relaisation and letting go of negative beliefs time after time. The opening of new opportunities and possibilities when the subconscious doesn’t block you, I can really tell you it’s indescribable… I’m wondering how on earth I could see to it that people can find out about this type of therapy. This hands on fast therapy with direct access to your subconscious, revolutionising the way you see yourself, expanding your self-worth to where there’s no limit. It’s a ticket to anywhere you want to go…   Apart from this I also have started three different programs. One of them I want to tell you a little about. This, you see, is going to help me help you to the next level. Have you ever dreamt about having a super power, handling life with poise and at the same time with immense focus, power at the same time as you within hold complete inner peace? Total self-awareness and authenticity? It sounds too good to be true, I know, but soon I will be handling these tools to coach you to become this and I can’t wait to combine these tools with RTT – This will be an explosion of magic! I’m going through it right now!! More to come – but if you are curious like I know you are you can follow this link POSITIVE COACHING and learn more! Book a call if you’re curious!  I’ll tell you more! Until next time – have a lovely end of October! Still around 30 degrees in Mallorca! I love it!!

Hugs to you all, /Anna