Hi there friends!

A hectic week has passed and I’ve managed to both visit Sweden and also get my final work (lot of sessions and recordings) done for the – what I hope for – very soon graduation as an RTT Therapist! I’m considering what the best way to celebrate my graduation is? I’d like to share this with you in some way! Usually it’s not the best solution to give away sessions for free being the reason that people don’t tend to really want or take the opportunity to change really seriously if they don’t invest in it. But…..I can’t help but feel that it would be so good for at least a few persons to get the opportunity to find out what RTT is and how wonderfully it works! I might think of a little surprise for a lucky bunch when my studies are done! Let me know also if you would want to see me present a short video to just briefly explain a little about the method! Another thing that’s also mind blowing is reading the testimonials from this method of Therapy. RTT really digs deep and rewires the brain. Forget about your negative, repetitive issues you’re fed up with; your addictions, pains, depression – RTT is like your guardian angel sweeping in, cleaning out all the dust and dirt and then handing you the magic wand and power to let you decide how you want your life. Sounds too good to be true? I thought so too, but it’s not. With the help of this method and together with other methods I’ve studied I have got rid of migraines, I’ve managed to get rid of a terrible hip pain and I have the tools to not procrastinate/feel fear of failure. Thanks to this method I’m listening to my inner voice and it’s guiding me to see things clear like never before.


To receive RTT you don’t need to be in desperate need of counselling, although of course this therapy naturally works wonders for very tough cases of depression and anxiety also. What I mean to say is receiving RTT is like getting your own mental power coach, upgrading your malfunctioning system while feeling loved, seen and 100% attended to. Are you getting curious? I promise – more news soon!


Time for me to have a swim in the pool and then some dinner in the shade with the family. Evenings are the most magnificent times now with concerts in the square and the temperature around 26 degrees. In the evenings we walk the dogs and say hi to all the old ladies sitting outside their buildings, enjoying the festivities. I love the culture and tradition here!


A different type of evening than the ones we spent in Sweden!