Welcome to the blog! 

I’m so happy you found your way here! I have so much to share about my coming practise, my life in Mallorca, the island with all its beautiful aspects and most certainly to share what’s going on at the moment – like right now our retreats!

First of all who am I?

It’s always interesting how people choose to portray themselves and for me I always start off by saying – I am a mother of five. My five children are my greatest achievements and blessings, they define me to a great extent. I had my first child at 23 and it now feels like we’ve been on the planet for about the equal amount of time! (ok, double)

The thing I am most proud of as a mother is the fact that we all have that invisible, individual connection. They are all very different and that’s the most amazing part.

I don’t have any regrets as a mother, although I know I absolutely haven’t done everything perfect (which no one can!), but if there’s one thing I would give as advise to any parent, no matter how old the child is – is to give them loving space to explore who they are and never guide them based on fear. And of course just love their being, not for what they do or don’t do…

I feel that our family, including the dogs, is like a flower with petals. Together we make it whole. Together we have ideas and accomplish them, sometimes apart but always close at heart.

Right now the family is spread out! My husband and I plus the two youngest are with the dogs in Mallorca and the three oldest children are in different parts of Sweden.

About a year ago – after years of thoughts and attempts to make a change in different, not so successful, ways – a decision between my husband and I was made to move to Mallorca. We sealed it with a toast (Cava of course) and that was it! This was the start of a journey finding our true selves. We knew it had begun, but we didn’t know where it was going to end. Extremely exciting, thrilling and liberating – almost like throwing your clothes and running out into the sea naked! It felt like we were breaking invisible rules and we suddenly felt empowered, finally in charge of our own lives and decisions.

Sitting here writing about this memory makes me smile. I will never, ever regret listening to my heart, in fact, by doing so it opened up the doors to immense possibilities and happiness I never could have dreamed of.

More on the move from Sweden to Spain will follow but until then I would like to invite you to take the chance to find out more about the first two, in Spain personally organised available retreats we are offering under the topic “Discover Mallorca”. We want to share the islands genuine, authentic beauty and also give you the tools to explore you own powerful tools to transform yourself and your life to be EXACTLY the way you want it. The retreats are just launched and will take place in two different locations – one in a 350 year old townhouse in Binissalem, the second one in a wild location close to Artá. Right now and until the 21st of August 2022 there is super offer – 20% off if you register and book your space on the website so don’t hesitate! We can’t wait to share this wonderful island with you!

So who am I except a mother?

I am a determined visualiser. I see the good in everyone. I believe most of all in love and now being 46 years old I fully believe in myself and my self worth. I really want this for you too and it’s 100% reachable. You can have everything and I have tools to share this, both in the retreats and soon in my practise which I will launch during the month of September! Stay tuned for upcoming launching offers…

With love,